Our Call

The mission of the Community of Nazareth may be best summed up as a Christian community whose members are open to the action of the Holy Spirit through the charismatic gifts and who are committed to loving and serving Jesus Christ, one another and those around them. The life of community members has four main aspects: life with God; life with one another; life of witness/evangelisation, and life of service in society. While not living in common, the community aims to establish a way of life where individuals are not isolated, where marriage and family life are strengthened, where young men and women grow in brotherhood and sisterhood, and are helped in living the single life or in preparing for marriage, where children can grow up among people who are striving to live Christ’s commandment of love.

Our community has a strong programme for 7-17 year olds, involving a weekly meeting during term time where we do bible study, catechetics and prayer using methods which are lively, enjoyable and instructive. We also try to foster good Christian personal relationships, creating a positive peer pressure. Belonging to an international community network also gives them many opportunities to meet with other young people from overseas, which is very beneficial.

The Covenant of the community, which every new member is invited to accept publicly, states in its opening words: God our Father, has called us to be his people. He has sent his son Jesus as our model, as the source of new life in the Holy Spirit. We desire to respond to that call, to follow Jesus and to be guided at all times by his Holy Spirit. The Covenant ends: In short, we desire to take responsibility for the brothers and sisters whom the Lord has given us in our new family and to work together in Christian fellowship for the fulfilment of the mission be has entrusted to us as his beloved people.