Micheline’s Story

I have more life in my life, than I thought possible. This is a direct result of my relationship with God and His Son Jesus.

I have been on a journey in my walk with God and as a result I have changed. I am more peaceful and I have a lot more hope in my heart. Hope is something I could not do without especially in the tough years we have been through in Ireland.

A number of years ago I was living and nursing in the UK. I was young, free and partying. Nothing wrong with that!

One day a good friend of mine asked me a question I had never been asked before. “Michelene do you know God?” Did I know God! Being a non-practicing Catholic that question offended me. “What do you mean do I know God? I am a Catholic. Of course I know God!”

The fact was I knew of God. But in a general way.

The God my friend knew and God I knew were very different. I knew Him to be distant and very black and white in His opinion of me. Yes I believed in God. But I was not worth a second glance by Him or the Jesus my friend Lara had mentioned. I was not worth the bother. God (in my mind) was not very approachable. It was also my opinion that “Born Again Christians” were all a pack of Jesus-freaks! Not at all cool.

I attended Lara’s Pentecostal church where a young guy in his twenties was giving a talk. He caught my attention. He spoke like he really had a friendship with God through His Son Jesus. The God he talked about was approachable. The God he talked about was kind and wanted to hang out with the people He loved. So He sent His son Jesus…… pour moi?

I attended their services for a number of weeks which had nothing to do with the fact that I fancied the guitarist!

At one particular service the minister asked a question. He asked the congregation “Does anyone here want to ask Jesus into their lives?” Needless to say I did not put my hand up. Not then or for a good number of weeks.

I was beginning to believe in this Jesus and as I listened to people speak about Him. I could feel my heart asking questions. “Are You real? Do You know I exist? Am I of value to You?”

One night when I was alone at home, I decided to take the risk and talk to God myself. Jesus at this point in time was just a step too far. So I locked myself in the bathroom and I asked him. …out loud…. “Ok God if You’re there and if You care about me…. give me a sign. Tell me You want to be involved in my life and that I mean something to You!” I had a Bible in my hand and I asked God “Ok, I am going to randomly open Your book …. speak to me.” I was convinced that I had tricked Him and forced Him into not responding to me. After all, I was brought up believing that I ‘should not test the Lord your God.’ You can imagine my shock when the Bible fell open on the story of the Prodigal Son!

I just knew that God had spoken to me. My heart just reacted /felt like it had just been touched by God. I was the Prodigal Daughter and God was asking me to return home.

That Sunday, still with some doubt. I asked God into my life. I can truly say that it has been an amazing journey from the start. I have never once regretted it.

I am now married with three fantastic kids. They are all brilliant! I am a member of the Community of Nazareth and I am still doing my best to walk with God. The great thing about God is that I give Him a little and he gives me soooo much more. Especially in the area of the friendships I have in my life. He is hope. He is very real and more than a bit fab/amazing. Call out to him, chat, give out… but do something. He will not disappoint. He meets us where we are at. No exceptions. Ever!